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Making a way for Clients & Leads to find your site

Waymaker SEO is a Search Engine Optimization provider that helps businesses fix their websites oprimizing the website for search results.If youhave a website and arenot genreatig the traffic you want or unsure what your website is doing we can help.

Our SEO Process


We use a solid plan to help your website improve it's chances of being found by people searching for your products and services. We have developed this porcess over 10 years.

The 5 Cs of SEO

We audit the code, show where there are errors and work with you to fix the errors.
Fix the code reduces errors and improve the Search Egnines ability to index the site more completly and regrarly.
We run a Keyword Audit, Check the value of your keywords, help you pick the right words, and work with you to implment them on your website.
Using the right keywords on your website increases the chance that the Search Engines will display your website in their search results.
We check your backlinks and find other website that you want connecting to your website. We work with your current business model and marketing efforts to align a backlink campaign.
Adding quality backlinks to your site increases your SEO score by reciveing some of the reffering site's SEO value.
We audit your competitors, looking for what makes their website successful and bring those strategies to your website. We can evalute for keywords, online ranking, backlinks, and more.
Knowing where you stand against your website helps you get a better idea on what you need to do to capture market share. We can optimize your site and like to use your competitors as benchmarks.

Contact Information

Email : joshuam@cthinkgroup.com

Website : waymakerseo.com

Phone : 541.972.9620

Address : Eugen, Oregon 

Services Offered

SEO Audit Reports 

Code Audi | Keyword Audit | Backlink Audit | Competitor Audit     

Waymaker SEO owns some pwoerfu search engine optimization reporting software. If you want to know the status of your website and what you need to do to improve your website traffic, we can provide detailed reports that clearly outline and show where your websites sits on the web.  If you haven't had your website Auditied for SEO check out our main site and considered irdering a SEO Audit Report.       

Keyword Research

Keyword Rankings | Keyword Traffic | Keyword Competiveness

We have met plenty of people that have spent some time optimising their website for keywords. Sometimes the keywords the are optimizing for are not the words people are using to search (low volume) or are not the phrase people use (like paint vs. coatings). We can help you work through your keyword list, identifuy which words you are ranking for, their position, and which pages are doing the heavy lifting. We can do a keyword audit site and page level. If you want to know more checkout our Keyword Reporting.

White Label Search Engine Optimization 

Re-brandable Reports | Fixed Pricing | Clear Process | Freindly and Professional 

We have some great reprots and data to share with clients. These reports can be re-branded for agencies that want to us use for SEO work. We have clear processes, simple rpicing, and a team that is ready to deliver quality work.

We can even work with your team to identify which parts we can do or have your team complish. We can train you to sell SEO service with room for markup. Clean, simple, and easy.  We are also very frienldy and want to help. 

Check out our White Label SEO Provider page.